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Individual Publications

Iron & Spine (nonfiction): Riding Fences: Essays on Being LGBTQ+ in Rural Areas, Alternating Current Press (forthcoming)

Zombie (poetry): MAYDAY Magazine

on biology (poetry): MAYDAY Magazine

A New Kind of Bird Spotting (poetry): peculiar 

5 Reflective Surfaces (poetry): peculiar 

Wolf-body: this is only a test (poetry): peculiar 

Altered / Desviado (poetry, translation): The Chaffin Journal

Come / Urge (poetry, translation): The Chaffin Journal

Lessons in Etymology for the New Human (poetry): VASTARIEN, Grimscribe Press

Men as Tiger Sharks as Ghosts (poetry): White Wall Review

The Dream of the Lion-man (poetry): The Grief Diaries

Leaving in the Wake (fiction): Quarterly West

No Snakes in the Graveyard (poetry): The Year, Crack the Spine

rising waters in the floodplain (fiction, re-print): The Best Small Fictions: 2019 Anthology, Sonder Press

the man who owns this name (poetry): Thin Air Magazine

Pineapple Sours (poetry): Thin Air Magazine

rising waters in the floodplain (poetry): Meniscus

August 1982 / Agosto 1982 (poetry, translation): South Dakota Review

September 23, 1982 / Septiembre 23, 1982 (poetry, translation): South Dakota Review

The wind breathes in your absence / El aire respira tu ausencia (poetry, translation): South Dakota Review

In the vacuum, I wait / En el vacío espero (poetry, translation): South Dakota Review

The Thousandth Grain of Sand (flash fiction): 805

The Shekinah (nonfiction): Echo, The Paragon Press

Shock Response (poetry): Buddy. a lit zine.

The Beaver (fiction): Levee Magazine

Night Brings Out the Voyeurs (poetry): Underwood Press, Black Works

Heeled in This Dirt (poetry): Underwood Press, Black Works

deep in the holler. (poetry): Ellipsis Literature & Art Journal

Undressing Ourselves Before the Eyes that Watch Us (poetry): The Oakland Review

Future Memories of Dinosaurs (poetry): The Oakland Review

meaning revelation or unveiling. (poetry): What Rough Beast, Indolent Books

Guana Guaiser, Güero? (nonfiction, translation): Ponder Review

Stonefruit (poetry): Sheila Under 30, Sheila-Na-Gig Online

Seeds & Skin (poetry): HIV Here & Now, Indolent Books

men to my father. (poetry): HIV Here & Now, Indolent Books

a place for the skull. (poetry): Levee Magazine

lockjaw. (poetry): Levee Magazine

inconsistencies: number three. (poetry): Periphery Literary & Arts Journal

fallen. (poetry): What Rough Beast, Indolent Books

Storm / Temporal (poetry, translation): Obra/Artifact

Your Peace / Tu Paz (poetry, translation): Medium Weight Forks

Body at Rest (flash fiction): Medium Weight Forks

Cloudy without a Chance (poetry): Missouri’s Best Emerging Poets, Z Publishing

Four Words (poetry): Noctua Review

Brand New Matchbook (poetry): Polaris

Nor’easter (poetry): Noctua Review

The Epidemic (erasure poetry): HIV Here & Now, Indolent Books

Alterations (fiction): The Blue Route

The Bending of the Stalks (fiction): The Vehicle

Silver Linings in Decomposition (poetry): The Sucarnochee Review

Miss Cat's Roller Rink (fiction): Medium Weight Forks

Language Acquisition (poetry): Medium Weight Forks

The Thieved (erasure poetry): Medium Weight Forks

Little Fishes (poetry): Medium Weight Forks

The Proprietor (flash fiction): The Missourian

I'm Not Done (poetry): Medium Weight Forks

Ageusia (poetry): Medium Weight Forks

Binge Eating Lessons from the Buddha (nonfiction): Medium Weight Forks

Reformation of Myself (poetry): The Missourian

Longing (poetry): Medium Weight Forks

Edge of Nowhere (poetry): Medium Weight Forks

Thursday Afternoon (poetry): Medium Weight Forks

Supernova (fiction): Medium Weight Forks

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